VIVE LE ROCK! Nice review from Norway!

Volcano Heat is an italian band with an american traditional rock on the menu, influenced by Iggy and the Stooges, Warrior Soul, White Stripes and as well as the NY’s punk scene. Luca Picchetti, former guitarist, songwriter and vocalist of Zond, brought his abilities to “Vive Le Rock” album, writing ten of eleven songs, the eleventh is a pretty cool version of the Beatles’ rock classic “Come Together”.

The record  has a strong garage feel and, even sometime is a little too close to the band‘s heroes, it rocks like hell. “Shake Your Head” is an excellent example of this, a great song stained by a wonderful Hammond, “These Days” evoke the rhythmic movements of the foot and is a classically excited song, while “Restless” provides the best fuzz delicacies, but listening well to the album, it’s clearly that the best song is “White Rays White Heat”.

The italians seem to grow up fast, maybe due to that they have finally released a full CD after two EPs, and such enthusiasm makes “Vive Le Rock” a true album,  with that typical hunger to show the world that “we can make music that turns”. Yes, at times the band is a little too eager, but, beyond this, Vive le Rock! shows a band in command of their music without in any way revolutionize the world of rock. No, we are talking about basic rock and roll, well done and, as mentioned, played by musicians who enjoy what they do.

The band also enjoy Scandinavian music, we think especially Gluecifer and the Hellacopters, in the form of multi-layered guitars and a hot rhythm section, like on the song “The Sky”. The song is an energetic track in good spirit of garage rock, with lots of volume, party feelings and contagious humor. Even if we’re not fully seduced, “Vive Le Rock” is an album that definitely has its fine moments and is better than many others in the same genre.