“Vive le Rock!” Go Down Records

“It’s right away clear that the band knows how to play, then you realize that it also knows how to write great songs like ‘White Rays, White Heat’. A killer track that makes you forget all your troubles and hear it again, at least another two / three times row. The very best rock and roll of recent years is contained in this song”

“A great record. Without any pretense and playing what they like best, Volcano Heat express the best rock music heard in the mid to late 90’s and early 2000”

“Just like their name, the Italian combo is good at raising the temperature. And to do that, Volcano Heat doesn’t hesitate to tap into the directory of the Stooges (“Dead Leaves”), The White Stripes (“These Days”) and even Queens of the Stone Age (“Today”)”

“With their first long player Volcano Heat set the bar high with a quick jolt of electricity through songs like the foot-stomping “These Days”, the rattling “Shake Your Head” and the blazing fuzz monster “Restless”. Production plays a big part in the record’s ability to literally leap forward and capture it’s listener”

“Through a rock-enriched by garage atmosphere that gives a touch of raw elegance. Vive le Rock! sounds good with a great mix of Stooges, Kinks, White Stripes, Black Sabbath and a dash of New York punk scene”

“Sounds like a faster, more rock n roll, version of Queen of the Stone Age. Swingin’, groovin’, alive and electric. Great cover of Come Together“

“The red bright mass of the 11 tracks is fluid and biting, with several beautiful melodies and clever rhythmic breaks that makes Vive le Rock! easy to listen and never boring”

“This disc can be described as an ode to rock and roll. Quick and devastating rock of the ‘90 with songs influenced by Jon Spencer’s dirty blues…”

‘Vive le Rock!’ are very close to New York hard rock scene (past and present ) name a few like The Stooges, Lou Reed and the Get Hip Label bands The Lat Vegas. ‘Dead Leaves’ getting to the point from the first tune .. very fuzzy and rhythmic close to the last swedish Sewergrooves and maybe Glucifer ”

“This is rock, pure and simple. The sounds are beautiful, very contemporary and unlike the bands of Jack and Meg White, the performances are impeccable. The song with the greatest impact is undoubtedly “Rays White, White Heat,” with a strong melody and great arrangements”

“The raw production of Alex Marton and a proto punk attitude makes Vive le Rock! a record easy to listen, with effective melodies and catchy grooves. The eleven tracks, including an interesting reinterpretation of the classic Beatles’ “Come Together”, flow fast and push play again seems a matter of course”

“Vive le Rock! shows a band in command of their music without in any way revolutionize the world of rock with innovations. No, we are talking about basic rock and roll, well done and, as mentioned, played by musicians who obviously enjoy what they do”