A change in our lineup!

There were four of us at some point. Now we are three. Since after ten years of music, Luca Picchetti takes a break, we welcome Simone Sabbath Vian from Underdogs. You already know that now he plays the roles of singer and guitarist to keep Volcano Heat hot and alive. Thanks Simon and thanks to Luca Picchetti for all these years together. Rock on!


VOLCANO HEAT “Black Mood Swings” produced by Alex Marton & Volcano Heat
The Way I Am | Return to Splendor | Feeding the Crow | Live Forever | State of Love | Plastic World | Another Shot | Someone Else | World’s Forgotten Boys | Destroyer | People | Twilight

VOLCANO HEAT live @ Chinaski

Another great night of good music, nice people and positive feelings! Thanx to Simon and Chinaski Pub! Set list: The Way I Am | World’s Forgotten Boys | Living Forever | These Days | The Sky | I Remember | Really Mine | Around the Sun | Destroyer | Plastic World | People | Return to Splendor. See ya with our upcoming album scheduled for late April 2017! VH