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Our EP “B-Side Revenge” comes out today. You can listen and download it, enjoy the b/w clip of “Breaking Up” and leave your sincere opinion on our work. The sound is the one you already know, contaminated by some digital solution that makes this EP  a necessary step to define our new album, scheduled for 2015. Tell us what you think people, we’re not particularly touchy, feel free to say what you think! Rock on folks! DOWNLOAD


Finished filming the video for Breaking Up, a song from our new EP “B-Side Revenge” Here we are, still proud & amused on the altar of God Rock and Roll! Stay tuned and don’t messing around.

Just for the record.

We’re sleeping, but not too much. We are recording an acoustic demo to resume our shows in a different dimension. At the same time, on the way – with justifiable delay – a new EP is coming. By year end, the much-anticipated album in 2014 should materialize. Rock on! VH